Our Library here at Henry Elementary was excited to be able to bring the “LightBox” reading website to our building this year. Henry is a Kindergarten through Second grade school. Our building houses around 360 students and 57 teachers and staff.

I, the librarian of our building, I had looked at several different websites over the past few years. I couldn’t seem to find one that I felt had all the elements that I wanted to offer our school community. LightBox provided the criteria I was looking for in a website. Some of my criteria included; user friendly, quality text and information, useful knowledge, helpful instruction, easy to see and navigate graphics and web-safety. LightBox hit them all, almost perfectly.

LightBox brought with it so many user-friendly features for our young students. I was very impressed with all the graphics that helped students experience many different options, while staying safe within the website. For many of our Kindergartners LightBox was their first use of navigation on a computer/laptop. On the other side of the computer experience we have our Second graders that have become well versed, shall we say, in figuring out how to get around website. The all-inclusive website allowed them to within our safety boundaries.

Our teachers were impressed by the variety of subject matter and the information each story provided. Many of them liked the additional factor of being able to give an assignment and then quiz directly connected with the information. Our teachers also liked the fact that everyone could be on the same page, at the same time, instead of having two or three computers on the story at a time.

I have been very pleasantly pleased with the feedback and praise for LightBox. Teachers and students both have enjoyed exploring and learning about so many different types of information included within the LightBox website.

I would highly recommend LightBox to anyone interested in a web-based learning environment.

Mary Jane Melling

Librarian @ Henry Elementary School, MO

After using this product for several years, my students and teachers really enjoy it, and I am always able to find a title to supplement most every lesson I teach.

S. Hart

Forestville Road Elementary, NC

I love lightbox so much that I purchase it for my school with my scholastic dollars (and that is a HUGE part of my book budget).

K. Holder

Mt. Holly Elementary, SC

Kids need...Happy Learning!

T. Jones

Horse Cave Public Library, KY

The customer service I receive from Chuck is amazing. The products are easy to access and the students love them.

A. Hall

Roy Junior High School, UT

You offer a great product at a reasonable price and have very good customer support.

A. Blount

Brunswick County Library, VA

I want students to be able to read many books that spark their interest!

T. Eisenbraun

Meadowbrook Elementary, SD

Lightbox aligns to curriculum, is user friendly and very attractive esp to the reluctant reader (graphics)

N. Taormina

Boyle Road Elementary, NY

Always provide excellent service and continue to put out additional topics of study

B. Nieman

North Pike Elementary, MS

Excellent product, great customer service, highly engaging for teachers and students!

T. Harkey

Jack and June Furr Elementary, TX

Videos /activities with books

N. Fader

Clow Elementary, IL - 8/10

Books are vivid and complete with TEKS for teachers

S. Gibson

Sulphur Springs Elementary, TX 10/10

Very interactive

L. Bodie

Kenner Discovery Schools, LA – 9/10

That students can use the same copy of a book. I love some of the additional features like audio and video.

A. Finley

Spradley Elementary, TX- 8/10

Sharing with many at a time

T Nagel

Joliet Public School District, IL – 7/10

Broad coverage of a topic with various resources incorporated into one.

K. Schroeder

Marinette School Libraries, WI – 10/10

Ease of use, flexibility of use, student engagement

K. Beedon

HFM Boces, NY – 10/10

Multiple students had difficulty loading the website when using Lightbox. Many did not get the opportunity to explore the books because the website never loaded.

A. Maddowx

Wendell Magnet Elementary School, NC – 7/10

The books are a great resource for the price and have many valuable features, like direct sharing into LMS systems like Google Classrooms, and citation capabilities.

D. Fremouw

Fire Prairie Upper Elementary, MO – 8/10

The only problems I have had with lightbox is that it doesn't always fully load the site. I know it's image heavy, so that may make it slow.

N. Skye

Gaithersburg Elementary, MD – 8/10

I like the interactive and appealing features for educational ebooks.

M Rackham

Green Acres Elementary, UT– 9/10

I love the simplicity of using Lightbox. My only concern are the videos. Some of them are painfully outdated and students lose interest. I love everything else about Lightbox. I'd love to see even more fiction books included.

C. Frodsham

Lomond View Elementary, UT – 8/10

Love Lightbox

M. Turner

C.A. Gray Junior High School, GA – 8/10

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