Frequently Asked Questions


1.    How often are new titles added? New titles are added frequently throughout the year.

2.    How can my students access Lightbox at home? Students can access Lightbox through a subscription link (URL) or through their school’s Library Automation System.

3.    How does the subscription work? Lightbox allows you to place your order for your subscription and start using it within one business day! Lightbox subscriptions are 1 year in length and start from the time you receive your subscription link.

4.    Are print components available? Yes. Every digital title in your subscription is also available as a hardcover book. For any questions or pricing, contact us or your distributor.

5.    How is Lightbox Subscription sold? Lightbox Subscription is sold on a per-school unlimited license. Each individual school using Lightbox requires a subscription. It is not based on a per-student cost. There are multi-school discounts available.

6.    What subscription offerings are in Lightbox? Lightbox offers 3 subscriptions, K–2, 3–5, and 6–12, for purchase.  Any combination of these three can be purchased.

7.    Are there multi-subscription discounts? Yes. Contact us or your distributor for details.

8.    Are there multi-school and district discounts? Yes. Contact us or your distributor for details.

9.    Does my subscription come with digital MARC records? Yes. You can add all of the digital MARC records for your subscription to your order for $50.

10.    Is Lightbox compatible with single sign-on? Yes

11.    Are there any special software requirements? Lightbox will run on any modern web browser or operating system.

12.    What devices will Lightbox run on? Lightbox can be used on any modern tablets, computers, or other mobile devices, including iPads, Chromebooks, Smartboards, large screen smartphones, Android devices, and many others.

13.    Does every student need his or her own login? No, there is one subscription login per licensed school by physical location.

14.    Can a teacher access quiz results and be notified when a child takes a quiz? No, but all quizzes can be filled out electronically and can be emailed to a teacher. They can be downloaded and printed as well.

15.    If I sign up for multiple subscriptions, can they merge into one login? Yes. 

16.    Is there a limit to the number of titles that can be accessed by students at the same time? There are no limits on the number of Lightbox titles that can be accessed by students simultaneously within an individual school. Lightbox subscriptions support multi-user, unlimited access for all digital content.

17.    Can I get a free trial? Yes. Go to www.openlightbox.com/trial

18.    What digital resources are included with Lightbox Subscription? Each Lightbox title within a subscription has videos, weblinks, infographics, content chunking, Google Maps, slideshows, activities, quizzes, audio, and readalouds. Teacher curriculum guides are also available for every title in each subscription.

19.    Who will provide IT support for changed/new passwords? Lightbox Learning Inc. will provide support for changed/new passwords.

20.    How does Lightbox work with national and state curriculum standards? Lightbox titles align to rigorous national and state standards and thoroughly address the needs of a classroom.

21.    What is the subscription renewal process? You will be contacted prior to your renewal date asking for your authorization to renew your subscription. Your subscription will then be automatically renewed on its renewal date.

22.    Do you provide professional development? Yes. Lightbox provides live professional development webinars that give accreditation. As well, there are pre-recorded webinars that can be viewed anytime. Please contact us or your distributor if you would like to arrange a personalized professional development session at no cost.

23.    Does Lightbox come with AR ready quizzes? Yes. The majority of Lightbox titles have quizzes.

24.    How new are the copyright dates on these books? The copyright dates span 2016 through 2021, with new titles being released frequently throughout the year.

25.    How do I get answers to support questions? Email support@openlightbox.com, go to our website at www.openlightbox.com, or call us at 866-649-3445.

26.    What Learning Management Systems (LMS) does Lightbox support? Lightbox is compatible with most modern LMS platforms, including Google Classroom, Edmodo, Canvas, ITS Learning, D2L, Blackboard, Moodle, Schoology, Office 365, and Microsoft Teams.

27.    What Library Automation Systems does Lightbox support? Lightbox is compatible with most modern Library Automation Systems, including Follett Destiny, Mackin Via, Mandarin, Alexandria, Opal, and D2L.

28.    Are there teacher resources available for Lightbox? Yes. Lightbox has curated digital resources such as videos, weblinks, infographics, audio, articles, quizzes, activities, first-hand experiences, and more, all based on curriculum. Lightbox also provides curriculum correlation documents for teachers to quickly determine how content relates to curriculum. Lightbox high school titles also include rubrics and a teacher guide.

29.    How can I track usage data with Lightbox? You can submit a request to support@openlightbox.com and you will receive a spreadsheet with your usage data.

30.    Is there a way to configure Lightbox so that my students do not require a username and password? The link (URL) that you receive with your subscription allows students to log in without a username or password. Digital MARC records are also available to allow your students to log in with your Library Automation System.

31.    Where should I post the Lightbox subscription link for my school? You can post your subscription link in your LMS (such as Google Classroom, Canvas, etc.), on your school’s website, in your Library Management System, or any other digital system that your school uses to manage subscriptions.