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Building reading skills is integral to every student’s success in school and beyond. Our K–5 AV2 Fiction Library Solutions are designed to help learners develop their reading comprehension and practice their vocabulary. You will find everything you need to support K–5 students of all reading levels, from helping them think about how the stories they read relate to their own lives to assisting them in expressing their own points of view by analyzing evidence to summarize a story’s plot.

Our K–5 AV2 Fiction Library Solutions use a variety of media and formats to engage students. Each title features celebrated children’s stories and timeless tales of mystery, suspense, and adventure. All titles are read aloud by professional narrators so that students can listen and learn at their own pace.

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Wondering how a media enhanced book differs from a regular eBook? Use this link to explore a K–5 AV2 Fiction title and see for yourself how it captivates learners with its media-rich features.

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