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Preparing elementary students for their future education is about so much more than simply teaching basic lesson plans and getting students ready for standardized tests. Young learners are naturally driven to learn and explore. Throughout their quest to understand the world around them, it’s important to tap into their natural curiosity and keep them motivated.

Our K–5 AV2 Nonfiction Library Solutions are designed to do just that. Each high-interest, media enhanced book includes high-quality features that help explain concepts, encourage critical thinking, and ignite the imagination. The best part is that our catalog never stops growing. We’re always adding new titles throughout the year to help meet the demands of ever-changing reader interests.

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Wondering how a media enhanced book differs from a regular eBook? Use this link to explore a K–5 AV2 Nonfiction title and see for yourself how it captivates learners with its media-rich features.

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