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Boreal Forest Inclined Planes South America


How Water Shapes the Earth Hawaii Polar Bears


Hamlet To Kill a Mockingbird Citizenship and Immigration
What Is Lightbox?
Lightbox is an all-inclusive digital solution for the teaching and learning of curriculum topics in an original, groundbreaking way. The program is based on National Curriculum Standards. Lightbox is a content delivery system, designed and engineered to be robust and reliable. It is optimized for tablets, whiteboards, and computers. The possibilities in this kind of learning environment are endless.
Standard Features
Lightbox digital titles come packed with fully integrated media features, including embedded videos, slideshows, child-safe weblinks, contextual key word definitions, and high-quality narration. Unique features of Lightbox enable students to virtually visit locations around the world with Google Maps. Lightbox also helps students learn with layered transparencies of maps, diagrams, charts, and timelines.